MEC Retina Eye Care Specialty Team

Your Eye Care Specialty Team

At Medical Eye Center, our team works together to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date care possible. Our doctors, surgeons and physician’s assistant are experts in their chosen specialties and make it a priority to stay one step ahead of the latest developments in vision care. They are dedicated and caring professionals who will always spend time explaining your treatment and answering your questions. To learn more about our providers, click on their names to the right.

Advanced training means advanced care for our patients

Following medical school, ophthalmologists complete three years of comprehensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Although the eye is a very small organ, it is highly complex. A small percentage of ophthalmologists pursue additional training called a fellowship in order to become an expert in one area of the eye. Additional education is generally considered optional—but not to our doctors, whose priority is providing the best care possible to their patients. Outside a larger urban area, it is rare to find a practice with one physician with advanced training. At Medical Eye Center, we have eight.

Dr. Lemley explains, “treatments for common vitreoretinal disorders are evolving rapidly, and advanced training has enabled me to provide state-of-the-art care. In addition, the techniques used in vitreoretinal surgery are highly specialized, and advanced fellowship training is paramount in managing these highly complex diseases.”

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